The Prosocial Computing Laboratory, directed by Dr. Gary Hsieh, focuses on the study, design, and development of technologies that enable people to interact in ways that are efficient and welfare-improving.


Reflection Companion: A Conversational System for Engaging Users in Reflection on Physical Activity

Rafal Kocielnik, Lillian Xiao, Daniel Avrahami, Gary Hsieh

Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies archive, vol. 2(2), 2018 Jun 4

Supporting answerers with feedback in social Q&A

John Frens, Erin Walker, Gary Hsieh

l s, Learning at Scale, 2018 May 25

Behavior Change Design Sprints

Lucas Colusso, Tien Do, Gary Hsieh

dis, Designing Interactive Systems, 2018 May 7, pp. 791-803

Designing for Workplace Reflection: A Chat and Voice-Based Conversational Agent

Rafal Kocielnik, Daniel Avrahami, Jennifer Marlow, Di Lu, Gary Hsieh

dis, Designing Interactive Systems, 2018 May 7, pp. 881-894

Crowdsourcing Exercise Plans Aligned with Expert Guidelines and Everyday Constraints

Elena Agapie, Bonnie Chinh, Laura R. Pina, Diana Oviedo, Molly C. Welsh, Gary Hsieh, Sean Munson

chi, Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2018 Mar 20

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Behavior Change Design Sprints

A rapid process for applying behavior change theories into the prototyping of behavior change technologies.

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